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Emily Kocanda, DPT

My philosophy is movement equals health.  We are meant to move, and as a Physical Therapist it is my goal and passion to address limitations to make each of us move a bit more easily.  I started in the world of massage therapy and decided to go back to school to learn even more about how the body works inside and out. As a PT, I have loved learning how mobility through both manual treatments and targeted exercises can progress someone from illness to wellness.

My experience has focused on fall prevention and lifestyle modifications to assist with maintaining an active lifestyle for the older adult population.  I am also building experience with post-COVID syndrome and COVID long haulers, and I am passionate about the recovery process from this unprecedented and novel virus.  Every body has unique needs, and I am driven to address these specifically to create customized plans for each and every client.

When I am not working, I love spending time outside as much as possible, either reading a book, biking, or taking long walks through forest preserves.  I also love being active by trying new adventures, such as climbing or taking new yoga classes.  Listening to music is definitely another huge passion of mine, and I’m always looking forward to seeing new shows or discovering my new favorite song.

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