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Jeff Bitter, Owner, DPT

Jeff Bitter has a new approach to Health and Wellness. Every day he follows his passion to care for every client with a hands-on treatment designed specifically for them and their pain. He eliminates the frustrations of practicing within the parameters of the healthcare system. His clients do not have to fight traffic or be on the phone forever with the insurance companies. He brings the clinic to YOU!

On many days you will see Jeff zipping around on his moped with his treatment table securely attached to the back…and a helmet on his head of course! Jeff and his wife, a nurse practitioner, spend much of their free time devoting their care and love to their 2 puppies. You will often find them at a dog park or exercising which is a family affair. The puppies, along with Jeff have explored every running path in the neighborhood. They ( the puppies, not Jeff ) seem to enjoy all kinds of weather, so rain or shine…they are outside exercising!

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