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6 Reasons Concierge Physical Therapy is Different Than Outpatient PT

Concierge PT may seem like a foreign idea to you when deciding who to go to for your treatment. If you've never heard of concierge PT you can read more here in What is Concierge Physical Therapy?

Today we want to talk about 6 reasons concierge PT is different than outpatient PT. We believe that there are some significant benefits from being seen by a concierge therapist and we want to share those with you so you can make the best decision for your treatment.

100% One-On-One Care

What does that mean? Why is that important? With one-on-one care, there's a lower risk for injuries and falls and you don't have to share your therapist with four other patients. Many times in outpatient therapy, the therapist is expected to see a minimum of two people an hour, sometimes all the way up to for an hour.

This is hard for the therapist to make sure that one person is doing the right form with their exercise while they're working manually on another patient. It's really hard to give good care like that. When you have concierge Physical Therapy, it's one-on-one care just for you. You also have unparalleled rapport with your therapist which allows us as therapists to see the full picture of your health and the treatment sessions are long enough to see results quickly.

Outpatient physical therapy tends to be cookie cutter a lot of times. Concierge PT is customized to you! We don't have time constraints when we do initial evaluations. We're able to see the full picture of the patient which allows us to put together a good plan of care for you.

Easy Scheduling

This means we have the ability to get you in the day of and you don't have to worry about long wait times. Studies have shown that when a patient seeks and receives early care this leads to improved results.

Low Case Load for the Therapist

This leads to lower burnout rates and improved care for the patient. We're able to see changes in a person quickly and adapt the plan of care to that person's changes. If you have a therapist in an outpatient setting, they may have 76 people on their caseload. Concierge PT's may only have 15 to 25. This allows us the time to sit and focus in on each patient.

The Ability to Quickly Reach Your Therapist With Questions

You can reach your PT at any time of the day and not have to wait until your next session. This could prevent you from further injuring yourself.

The Ability for Clinicians to Treat Multiple Body Parts at Once

When you're with an outpatient clinic, the therapist will receive a script and a lot of times it's just for one body part. Often there's a lot more than just that going on. We're able to treat the full body. We're treating the person not the script.

The Luxury of Having the Best Trained Therapists Come to Your Home

This eliminates any bad commute times for you! We bring everything to your house as well, so you don't have to worry about needing any additional equipment.


If you're interested in learning more about concierge physical therapy and if it's a right fit for you, call CustomFit at 312-619-3556. We would love to answer your questions and help get you the care you need. You can learn more about Rick and his specialties here.

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