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Core Mobility: How to Use a Softball to Roll Out

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Everyone has heard of a foam roller, and I bet all of us roll out. We all know how to roll out our quads, our calves, our glutes, our hamstrings. By that no one knows how to take care of their gut using a foam roller.

Rolling Out Your Core

We always talk about how the core is so important for strength for everything and strengthening exercises are always promoted, but you never see core mobility exercises. In this video, I share one of the best ways to mobilize your abdomen and hip flexors.

The easiest thing to use is a 16" softball in my experience. Start at your reference point, belly button, and move to the front of your hip. You're going to get down on the ground and smash. You can roll side to side and come up and down.

We can actually access the rectus internal external obliques transverse abdominus if you go lower, and even if you can learn to breathe out and even access those hip flexors. Give it a try for about five minutes.

Who is abdominal rolling for?

While it's hard to give generalized advice to all readers, I typically use this particular movement to help my clients with:

  • Recovery from high volume abdominal exercises and core strengthening

  • Chronic low back pain

  • Tight anterior pelvic tilt causing other problems

  • Tight hip flexors

If you’re looking for more answers or you'd like to discuss your situation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, give CustomFit a call! We offer complimentary phone consultations to help you determine what your next best steps will be. Call us today at 312-619-3556 or email

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