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Couch Core 101: 6 Exercises To Work Your Abs Right From The Comfort Of Your Sofa

Jump right in with Dr. Emily as she shows you how to work on your core even from the comfort of your own couch!

So many of us have gotten used to sitting around, watching TV over the past couple of years and sometimes, have put off our physical activity in favor of being comfy and relaxing. Don't get us wrong, we love sitting back and watching the newest show too, but what if we could do both? In this post, learn from Dr. Emily how to work your core without having to leave your couch (the dream, right?)

In the video, she goes over:

  • Knee to chest

  • Seated "hurdles"

  • Knee to elbow

  • Seated leg raise

  • Bicycle

  • Seated twists

Start with three sets of ten of each exercise.

Have questions or need more help? Call us today to book a complimentary consult with Dr. Emily or one of our other clinicians.

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