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December Client Spotlight: Mrs. T

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Mrs. T, a vibrant 74 year old female, has had a challenging last year to say the least. Her journey as a CustomFit client began about a year ago when she started with a new concierge doctor. Her concierge physician recommended PT for her knee arthritis, low back, and cardiovascular health. She has always been an active person but has never been someone who goes to a gym for more structured exercise.

After discussing the benefits with her doctor and completing the initial assessment with CustomFit PT Jeff Bitter she was ready to commit to a new healthier lifestyle. Her definition of longevity was to maintain the ability to walk her dog, play with her grandkids, and feel energetic to socialize with friends/family.

Jeff and Mrs. T were off to a great start and were beginning to see progress when she suffered a devastating setback. She was hit by a bus! Yes literally. Her accident, which could have been worse, left her with significant back, head, and neck injuries. Luckily she did not have any fractures or major tissue damage requiring surgery. However, her head injury left her with a concussion and vertigo.

Many people would have became discouraged and even given up but Mrs. T understood there was only one way back. She did not want to compound the problem by letting the frustration negatively impact her recovery. She and her medical team took things one day at a time and started focusing on the things they could control. She started vestibular treatments with CustomFit PT Sunil Thomas to resolve the vertigo/dizziness and continued to work with Jeff to address her new injuries.

Mrs. T is now 8 months post accident and continues to make progress every month. She has returned to her dog walks, cardiovascular exercise, and grandkid time. She continues to be diligent with her treatment in order to maximize her long term result. We have recently progressed her treatment to include high level balance and full body strengthening in phase 3!

The lesson to share from Mrs. T and her case is to "never give up". It sounds generic and cliché but we see patients a lot who let their frustration impact their ability to get better. Focus on executing the rehab plan and controlling the variables you can control and not dwelling on the past.

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