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How to Get Rid of Back Pain Naturally At Home

When you think about back pain, you probably get the feeling that there is no escape. You are in pain and it scares you because this issue can become serious over time. Many people that suffer from back aches do not know how to get rid of back pain naturally at home.

Most people will turn to medication, injections, resting out of fear, and sometimes surgery. If you’re willing to do a little research and put in some effort, however, you can get rid of back pain naturally at home. It may take time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Regardless of the cause, roughly 80 percent of people with low back pain have significant improvement in their symptoms within the first six weeks. Natural treatment is a popular and effective way to get rid of low back pain.

Today, I want to talk about a little trick I use whenever I'm starting to feel some low back pain. Sometimes it's isolated to either the right or left side. Usually, that lets me know that my pelvis or my hips have shifted a little bit on one side. We're going to use our own muscle to help try to realign this pelvic obliquity or this little shift in our pelvis.

5 At Home Exercises to Relieve Back Pain Quickly

You're going to want to start on your back. If I'm managing my left leg, I'm going to try to bring it to my chest but I'm going to stop it with my hand, doing this isometric contraction.

At the same time, with my right leg I'm going to try to kick it forward, but I'm going to place my hands in front of my shin bone here to stop it. One leg is pushing, one is pulling.

Now, if it's uncomfortable to use your hands you can use a broom, (weave the broom so the broom stick is behind one need, and over top of the other knee).

You're going to hold this for five seconds and then switch for five seconds. Do that five times each, on each leg. Then, you need to bring your legs out, but again isometrically contracting, (so you're going to stop that movement from happening using your hands).

You're going to do this again for a five second hold, five times on each leg. At the end, you can make a fist with each of your hands and place them just inside of your knees and squeeze as hard as you can.

What you're looking for is a little pop that you might feel right in that front of your groin. If you don't want to use your fist, you can use a pillow to squeeze.


If you would like to learn more about how you can manage your low back pain, give CustomFit at 312-619-3556. You can also learn more about Mike by clicking here.

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