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June Client Spotlight: Mr. M

Mr. M was referred to CustomFit via his family member and one of our referring concierge medicine doctors. He resides in Toronto, Canada and planned to travel to Chicago twice in 2022 in order to have each knee replaced by a world-renowned surgeon in Chicago.

Mr. M is a great example of someone who had 100% compliance and effort with his pre and post operative rehab for 2 total joint replacements this year. He recently finished his initial rehab for the 2nd knee with us in Chicago and we have officially categorized his 2nd knee replacement as the #1 best initial outcome that we have ever seen!

A big reason for that was his commitment to the pre-hab and having all of the benefits listed above working in his favor. Just 10 days after the surgery, Mr. M was sleeping through the night, having minimal pain, walking with quality gait pattern without a walker/cane, good strength, and good range of motion! Great work Mr. M!

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