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May Client Spotlight: Mr. A

Mr. A was referred to CustomFit by his concierge physician back in January of 2021. He was experiencing left knee pain that was getting worse with his fitness routines. This limited him from being able to enjoy golfing every weekend and squat and workout without pain.

Mr. A, being an individual who has always put his health as a top priority, was fully committed to improving his health. After identifying deficits (stiffness vs. weakness) in his knee and bringing in a personal trainer, Mr. A worked with Sunil (a CustomFit physical therapist) and his personal trainer weekly to improve glute strength, posture, and stiffness in his body.

Mr. A is now pain-free and continues to work with Sunil towards solidifying his golf game by addressing common complaints of back pain. Mr. A has been playing in the best shape and the best golf possible as a result of his hard work and commitment to the process. Congrats Mr. A!

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