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Raising the Bar: Elevating Your Shoulder Exercises

How can you elevate your shoulder exercises? Most get stuck in the same few exercises and have a hard time thinking outside of the box finding exercises that are more dynamic or ones that challenge us more. What I want to talk to you about is how to use your resistance bands and how you can challenge your shoulder a little bit more in various positions.

What I mean by that is most of us think about our shoulder exercises as we're holding a band or it's around our wrist and we're rotating one arm out at a time. We may have received some benefit from it, but then it starts to get easy or we're not getting the full Improvement of symptoms that we're looking for. We need to then ask, "What are some quick, easy things that I can do to challenge my shoulder a little bit more?"

We're going to go over two different types of exercise that you can do with a simple resistance band to help elevate your shoulder game.

2 Quick Exercises for the Shoulder At Home

Exercise #1

The first one is if you have a looped band or you can tie your band in a loop.

  • Put your hands inside the band around your wrists.

  • Arms are going to be on the wall at shoulder height, elbows locked out, shoulder blades pinched and squeezed.

  • You're going to walk your arms down the wall.

  • Then, you're going to walk your arms back.

This is going to not only work your rotator cuff strength but also deltoid strength and a little bit of scapular muscles as well.

Exercise #2

  • You want to start in the same position as exercise #1; having your band in a loop and putting your hands and wrists inside the band.

  • Have your hands overhead and lift one arm off the wall, keeping your arm and elbow straight the entire time.

This is also going to work your rotator cuff, a little bit of the deltoids, but more importantly it's going to work your lower trapezius muscle. This sits on the bottom of your shoulder blade.

"Why elevate my shoulder exercises?"

The reason that we want to elevate our exercise workouts and our routines and use our exercises in different planes of motion is because that's how we move. We're not using our arms down by our sides the entire time.

We're raising our arm overhead to grab a cup. If you're a student, you're raising your arm to answer a question in class. You're giving someone a high five. You're reaching for something in different planes of motion all the time.

Challenging your body in these different planes of motion and positions can really elevate your strength and take you from that point where you're getting minimal benefit to a lot more benefit.


If you have some questions on how you can do that and do it safely without any risk of injury, reach out to us and we would love to partner with you and walk you through that program. Call CustomFit Concierge at 312-619-3556. Learn more about Sunil here!

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