Should I Get Dry Needling? Physical Therapist Review

What is dry needling?

Physical therapists use dry needling to address muscle stiffness, muscle pain, and to help restore and increase function. What we do is use an acupuncture needle or a monofilament needle inserted into the muscle itself, or the knotted tissue in the muscle to help release some of that tension that we otherwise wouldn't be able to address with our hands. These areas of knotted tissue are called trigger points.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is an area of knotted up tissue muscle that often causes a lot of pain when it's touched or massaged and can also refer to other parts of the body when touched. We will often see these all over the body, but especially in the neck or shoulders for people who work desk jobs. Other areas can be the upper traps, forearms, low back, your glutes, your thighs,

Who benefits from the dry needling?

Anyone can potentially benefit from dry needling, and it's definitely worth trying out if you haven't been able to find anything else to release the tense tissue. If you're struggling with stiffness, trying dry needling could be the answer for you to help restore function, improve flexibility, and get rid of that pain.

Wondering if this could be an option for you? Give CustomFit Concierge a call today to speak with the dry needling specialist who will help point you in the right direction and answer any questions you have.

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