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The #1 Hip Exercise To Rule Them All: Physical Therapy For Hips

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Introducing... the Hip Abduction Series by Jeff Bitter, owner of CustomFit Concierge! This hip abduction series is best for moderate to higher-level activity clients with low back, hip, or knee pain issues.

Ok...but why is this important?

Strengthening the gluteus medius can help increase function with walking, stair ambulation (going up and down the stairs), sit to stand from a chair or couch, and running... you name it, most activities need the help of glute med!

Gluteus medius muscle
Gluteus medius. Image for educational purposes only.

Who is this for?

This exercise sequence was an instrumental part of the phase 3 rehab (strength and conditioning) for a current client of mine that suffered a left hip fracture from a fall. She found that the strength in this area helped her to walk with a less severe limp and provide more stability when using her left leg to go up the stairs.

Are you fearful of falling? Check out this post here to learn 5 tips to help prevent falls.

How many days a week should I do this? Both sides? How many times?

The optimal protocol for this hip strength program would be 2-3 days per week on both the injured and non-injured side. I often use this as a warmup exercise prior to more demanding cardio or strength training.

Not sure if these exercises are right for you? Contact us today & we are happy to answer your questions.

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