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The 2 Most Common Shoulder Problems (and how to prevent them!)

Having some mild shoulder discomfort when you work out? Try this 10 min shoulder warm up and feel the good burn instead of the bad burn!

The 2 most common shoulder problems are shoulder impingement and shoulder instability.

Shoulder impingement refers to a general mechanical problem where tissue gets pinched in an area of the shoulder joint called the subacromial space. This can lead to rotator cuff tendonitis, bursitis, or biceps tendonitis that can worsen over time if not addressed and become a tear.

Shoulder instability refers to a general shoulder problem where the joint moves around excessively due to laxity of the shoulder ligaments. This can be genetic or after a shoulder injury such as a subluxation or dislocation. This can lead to damage of the shoulder labrum and overload to other tissues around the shoulder joint.

In order to improve impingement or instability before it becomes a torn rotator cuff or labrum you need to work on 2 main categories of exercise: 1) rotator cuff strength and endurance, plus 2) scapular mechanics and stability

Try this short exercise video 2-3x/week prior to working out. Keep up with it consistently for best long term results.

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