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What Is Vertigo and What Causes It? Can Physical Therapy Help with Dizziness?

In this post, we'll be talking about vertigo -- what is vertigo, what causes it, and how to fix it. Many people don't know that physical therapy can help with dizziness and vertigo, and your symptoms can often be resolved in just a few sessions!

What is vertigo?

Vertigo is a sensation of spinning that lasts for about 30 seconds to one minute when you turn your head too fast, turn your head a certain direction, or turn your body in a certain direction when you're laying in bed. It's going to feel like the room is spinning around you. It can also make you feel nauseated or off balance for the rest of the day.

What causes vertigo?

Vertigo is a condition that comes from your vestibular system, which is part of your inner ear. There are little crystals in these canals in your inner ear that tell you kind of where your head is in space. These crystals can get knocked out of place for different reasons like hitting your head or certain sicknesses. Medications can cause it or out of nowhere as well. No matter the original cause, these crystals get knocked out of place. Then when you turn your head too fast, your brain thinks that the room is spinning when it's not.

Can vertigo be treated?

Yes, we as physical therapists can treat certain types of vertigo. We put you in different body positions to determine where those crystals are, where they shouldn't be, and then we put you through a series of motions to get those crystals back into place. Usually, patients can get pretty immediate relief from this and then once they feel better, we'll also check balance because when you do have this type of vertigo, balance can be impaired especially with your eyes closed.

If you are experiencing this spinning sensation when you turn your head or turn your body, physical therapy is definitely something that can treat the symptoms and help with your balance, helping you get back to normal.

Have questions or want to get started? Call our office today at 312-619-3556 or click here to learn more about our team to find the right therapist for you!

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