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The #1 Most Forgotten Fitness Tool At Home

Let's talk about often-underappreciated set of stairs. If you have access to stairs, you have a piece of equipment that doesn't cost extra money, never needs to be put away, doesn't require a separate room and can be utilized for a great workout.

Each year Americans spend billions of dollars on exercise equipment in an effort to lose and manage their weight. Just like fad diets, trends in exercise equipment come and go. Some popular equipment include free weights, Peloton, stair climbers, treadmills, bands, Swissballs, med balls, and leg and wrist weights. More often than not, in a couple months the equipment is forgotten about. Stairs can be used with a purpose or mindlessly as you go about your day.

Try getting into the habit of using the stairs instead of the elevator when you're out. If you do them often enough you'll notice results. Here are some tips to help you use the stairs to achieve your health and fitness goals:

  • Find out where the stairs are in places you frequent, such as parking garages, malls, hotels and doctors' offices.

  • If you have stairs available at home or work, set a daily goal for climbing them. Have a goal of climbing at least eight flights daily.

  • Lastly, find reasons to go up the stairs.

Remember, the more you climb, the longer you'll be able to climb. Stairs help keep you fit and more physically independent.

For more information or to book an appointment with one of our movement specialists, call our CustomFit Concierge office today!

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